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Purple Cowrie and Pink Crystal Earrings


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Isabella Cowrie with Clear Crystal Earrings


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Cowrie Shell Dangle Earrings


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Turkey Wing Shell Adjustable Necklace


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Granulated Cowrie with 2 Puka Shells Necklace


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Brown Cowrie with Puka Necklace


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Genuine Puka Shell Adjutstable Chain Bracelet


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Brown Cowrie Shell and White Sea Glass Pendant


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Granulated Cowrie and Green Sea Glass Pendant


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Granulated Cream Colored Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant


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Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant


Treasures from Hawaii Beaches

Welcome to Kakers Beach! Get in the aloha spirit with shells & sea glass plucked from the beaches and waters of Hawaii. Whether looking for a finished product or to create your own, the items at Kakers Beach bring a little bit of Hawaii right to you.

All shells were found empty. Shells found with living organisms are left in the ocean.

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