Item collection dc57d6e7 5a1d 4c5f 8486 fe40a57b8887

Purple Cowrie and Pink Crystal Earrings


Item collection c5173281 1394 4e45 ba7b 515f9d5a2a90

Isabella Cowrie with Clear Crystal Earrings


Item collection a3e5673b d6ac 4ee7 a0ed 86051f0906b5

Cowrie Shell Dangle Earrings


Item collection e56e90cd cdde 42ed b6a7 b094560aaace

White Seaglass with Blue Beach Necklace, 18"


Item collection c7959473 81a6 4a80 97d1 d63a22ae3cad

Seafoam Sea Glass with Pink and Purple Beads Necklace, 16"


Item collection e980ab33 680f 4088 a558 b8eab2f2fb14

Seafoam Sea Glass with Glass Beads Necklace, 16"


Item collection fc3497a7 d494 4a34 9dac 557aa6ba4a31

Green Sea Glass and Pink Bead Necklace, 16"


Item collection 094926a4 0251 4212 b47c b8048cc8a432

White Sea Glass with Emerald Swarovski Crystal Earrings


Item collection 2e384de4 d3d4 4448 8d9c 27b5fa14bf2c

White Sea Glass with Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Earrings


Item collection e93711b5 b36a 4547 aa59 86ead06b68c5

Seafoam Sea Glass Earrings with Light Peach Swarovski Crystal


Item collection 33d4df08 b093 46b9 b83c 5d5dcf23cb31

Green Seaglass with Fuchsia Swarovski Elements Earrings


Item collection d0903315 68a5 4bc9 b648 e13f3de375ce

Green Sea Glass with Tanzanite Swarovski Earrings


Item collection f90fdade 179e 4481 9371 38e3e6d4422f

Brown Sea Glass with Blue Zircon Swarovski Elements Earrings


Item collection 242b76ad e478 47f0 af6d c15d0ba36f2e

Seafoam Seaglass Earrings with Rose Swarovski Crystal


Item collection daa8c3fb cc47 411b b457 324cc5971f66

5 Various Hawaiian Auger Shells


Item collection d30c4224 12f5 430e a3ee 3758a9778a25

Variety of Broken Pieces of Shell


Item collection 9e385472 0acf 421a 903b 70b9180d5d5f

Mixed Batch of Hawaiian Cowrie Shells


Item collection ceac23ba a537 4ee5 ab9a bff57b215400

Hawaiian Ark Shells (Turkey Wings)


Item collection 2b5e000b d449 42b1 9d84 f8c8bbdfa919

Set of 6 Hawaiian Drupe Shells


Item collection 75299f01 7b84 4ec8 9bc9 d3eef6710d5e

Mixed Lot of 14 Pieces of Hawaiian Sea Glass


Item collection 91b78a64 c623 4fc6 80c6 220829175061

Lot of Medium-Large Pieces of Mixed Sea Glass


Item collection 094db2a4 3a4e 47e0 8b1a ed4d8e9cbae6

White Sea Glass Necklace with Adjustable Purple Hemp Cord.


Item collection 99a80cc9 809c 41d7 a937 030717e0447c

Turkey Wing Shell Adjustable Necklace


Item collection 33f45fae 78b2 4cf5 86e9 34fa496b15eb

8 Mini Cone Shells


Item collection 7f16d167 a0b5 4730 9698 394ca4bfc41f

Granulated Cowrie with 2 Puka Shells Necklace


Item collection 8c54c85e bd20 4d43 ac6c bd8d5c2c3b8c

Brown Cowrie with Puka Necklace


Item collection b563d0a5 1cb2 4d8f 8e40 6ca6cbedec58

Genuine Puka Shell Adjutstable Chain Bracelet


Item collection a140a5ee 0573 487a 8b24 cdd517f41297

Brown Cowrie Shell and White Sea Glass Pendant


Item collection f03f0a07 7074 49a2 a524 bc992cfd6355

Granulated Cowrie and Green Sea Glass Pendant


Item collection 22ff4d27 b384 41ab 8eff c6c0153e8183

Granulated Cream Colored Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant


Item collection ab5fa23d a32d 434e a3c9 b783095592f8

Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant


Item collection da047ef6 e8cd 4a99 898d 4927a262c8ac

25 Mixed Pieces of Hawaiian Sea Glass


Item collection 8a3ddec9 9cba 4387 9bda 64ce48c8d363

20 Pieces of Hawaiian Sea Glass


Item collection 42dcb4ad 6f8b 4cb2 8b4a e6346236502d

12 Assorted Cone Shells


Item collection bf02970d cba6 45f3 a149 a56eccb1116d

10 Assorted Cone and Cowrie Shells from Hawaii


Item collection a0d9bc80 fd80 4b00 9e3d 8fdcfc8aad78

5 Various Hawaiian Cone Shells


Item collection c8478829 e6db 4aff 8773 8283b43b3bf5

Mix of 5 Brown Cowrie Shells


Item collection 0846d9f0 9c25 43d6 a07d 6e83ce2f98f1

5 Small Cream and Purple Cowrie Shells


Item collection dd1e6699 6426 4a44 92f8 170c1290a567

5 Small Puka Shells


Item collection 23612557 2a5d 42fe a711 e12a40e76e00

Green Triangular Genuine Sea Glass Earrings


Item collection 972c6496 ebd9 476f ba84 ee89d8ea0ec9

Frosted Brown Sea Glass 3 Medium Large Pieces


Item collection 1363c8a0 cf0b 4f81 aacd 63e6366abe82

Seafoam Sea Glass from Hawaii 3 Medium Pieces


Item collection d2b81de0 c026 4048 81aa 0beee85e0207

Genuine White Sea Glass Mixed Sizes 6 Pieces


Item collection cb6a7a47 62d1 46ab 984f e26bc0d1b58b

Genuine Green Beach Glass From Hawaii 3 Medium Pieces


Item collection 5dcb4a0b 1d4b 42b4 8624 7be8cf902efa

Pieces of Broken Shell Set of 3


Item collection 393438f6 66e3 4d9c a751 974ee52f2392

Mixed Assortment of Lighty Tumbled Sea Glass set of 8


Item collection 3b9250cd f6bf 4105 8204 3a706f488646

Genuine Green Beach Glass From Hawaii 6 Small Pieces


Item collection 5ea371dc b786 4205 a37e 8c75eb267a38

Frosted Amber Sea Glass Set of 2 Medium-Large Pieces from Hawaii


Item collection c26aab53 2fa4 4f63 84ae 464ddd4d5f5f

Frosted White Hawaiian Sea Glass set of 2 medium pieces


Item collection 3d376e8c 0466 4c52 9e51 3120b3407716

Brown Genuine Sea Glass from Hawaii - 6 medium pieces


Treasures from Hawaii Beaches

Welcome to Kakers Beach! Get in the aloha spirit with shells & sea glass plucked from the beaches and waters of Hawaii. Whether looking for a finished product or to create your own, the items at Kakers Beach bring a little bit of Hawaii right to you.

All shells were found empty. Shells found with living organisms are left in the ocean.

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