Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant

$22.00 USD


Product Description

This gorgeous pendant brings the beauty of Hawaii everywhere you go. Made up on a cowrie shell slice, a naturally worn bottom of a cowrie shell, and a gorgeous piece of white naturally frosted sea glass. Both were found in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. The glass has been drilled and the pieces combined into a pendant but otherwise the glass and shell are exactly as they came out of the water.

This pendant is approximately 1.5 inches long. Chain is an 18" oval silver plated chain with the option of selecting a 16" sterling silver ball chain or the oval silver plated chain in 20".

All shells in this shop were found by me, empty. Shells with an animal inside are left in the water to preserve the fragile ocean ecosystem.

Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant Cowrie and White Sea Glass Pendant

Treasures from Hawaii Beaches

Welcome to Kakers Beach! Get in the aloha spirit with shells & sea glass plucked from the beaches and waters of Hawaii. Whether looking for a finished product or to create your own, the items at Kakers Beach bring a little bit of Hawaii right to you.

All shells were found empty. Shells found with living organisms are left in the ocean.

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